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Have a bookworm on your hands? Me too! My daughter has always been infatuated with books, even as a baby. This has lead us to acquire quite a little library of toddler books in our home!

Reading is our favorite part of the day and collecting and growing our home library has been such a joy. Let’s jump right into the 100 best toddler books that we have discovered so far. Buckle up- I can’t wait to share these with you!

1. Big and small, room for all

Big and Small, Room For All is our family’s very favorite book to read. We love the beautiful watercolor pictures in the book! This is a fantastic book that introduces the idea of comparing sizes, with a lovely message as well. This is a short book, and is perfectly suited for babies and younger toddlers.

2. Click clack moo cows that type

The book Click Clack Moo Cows That Type is an instant classic. Books with farm animals are usually a favorite for toddlers. Poor Farmer Brown really has his work cut out for him with these mischievous critters. I always have to read this book in my best southern drawl, and Princess L loves to hear the twang.

3. the grouchy ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug is a story I can remember from my childhood. I’m so delighted it gets to be a part of my daughter’s as well! Eric Carle’s bright and colorful pictures help to tell a fun story about a ladybug who goes on a very, very long adventure.

4. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Toddlers love repetition… and this book has that in spades! Share with your toddler this silly tale of an old lady who swallowed a fly, and perhaps you’ll get to find out why.

5. Joseph had a little overcoat

The story of Joseph Had A Little Overcoat offers to children the lesson of reusing one’s belongs. We especially love that the pages give small clues as to what will happen on the next page! Interactive toddler books are our favorite! The whimsical artwork is also another reason we love this book.

6. Blue on blue

We love to read the book Blue on Blue on rainy days! Share with your toddler this book about weather changes and fall in love with the artwork! The illustrator, Beth Krommes, is a Caldecott Medal-winning artist and has done such a lovely job with this story. I don’t know why, but this book always makes me feel so much calmer after reading it. I love it too!

7. the pout pout fish

I had seen this book everyplace and knew it was recommended by so many people. I finally purchased this book and wish I had done it sooner! It is a book about a gloomy fish who needs some help cheering up. Get ready to practice all your fun voices with this book- there are many characters! Princess L loves seeing me get into character as we read this book and she really enjoys how silly we can get.

8. A beautiful day in the neighborhood: The poetry of mister rogers

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers is a collection of poems from the show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I love that I can read and reference a poem to Princess L if we are struggling through a big emotion. I was surprised when I discovered how large this book actually is, and I love that it will be one that we will enjoy for years to come.

9. Charlie the ranch dog

Charlie the Ranch Dog is one of our most beloved books! We love how serious, but silly Charlie is at explaining what he does on the farm he lives on. This book is from the perspective of Charlie, and we always do our best to put on a southern drawl when we read it!

10. one special day

The book One Special Day has a special place in our hearts. It was the first book Princess L fell in total love with! She loves touching Little Hedge Hog’s special blankie that feels like soft and fuzzy on each page. It is a story that helps to teach about caring for others. You’ll also have another great opportunity to read in lots of fun voices since there are several characters!

11. Mars first friends

Mars First Friends: Come on over, Rovers! is seriously a blast to read! This book is told from the perspective of Mars who is looking for someone to play with. I love that this book is great at introducing other planets in the solar system as well! An awesome book if your little one is into space and astronomy!

12. chrysathemum

We love books by Kevin Henkes, and Chrysanthemum is our favorite! This book is a classic for a reason. It is about a little mouse who loves her name until she starts school. A great way to introduce how bullying is hurtful to others.

13. Someone special just like you

Someone Special Just Like You teaches that we are more alike than different. The message of this book is told with real photographs of children- which I feel brings so much meaning. We love looking at the pictures and talking about what we see. This is an excellent book for all children, but it is written well for toddlers. Fun fact, this is the first book Princess L had memorized and enjoyed reading aloud to us!

14. The snail and whale

Love a book with a fun rhyming scheme? The Snail and the Whale will be perfect for you guys! This book is about a small snail who had big dreams to go explore the world. The snail meets a humpback whale and together they travel and see many exciting things!

15. Pete the cat and the perfect pizza party

So, we eat pizza once a week at my home 😂 ! I love to read this book- Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party before we dig and make our own pizzas! Pete the Cat invites all his friends over for a pizza party. You’ll get to find out what sorts of groovy toppings his friends like on their pizza!

16. if you give a mouse a cookie

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is a classic loved by toddlers. This book offers a comical way of teaching cause and effect. It is also great at offering time to pause and ask your little one what they think will happen next too!

17. giraffes can’t Dance

I can proudly say, Giraffes Can’t Dance is the first book that both my husband and myself have completely memorized! Princess L has loved this book since she was a baby and she still loves it as a toddler. The bright and colorful artwork is fun to look at, and the rhyming scheme helps draw little ears in. It is about a giraffe named Gerald who does not know how to dance. With some help from a cricket and his violin, Gerald learns to boogie!

18. Chicka chicka boom boom

There is no better way to introduce letters of the alphabet than Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The lower case alphabet climbs up a coconut tree, but there isn’t enough room. This book has lots of rhyming and is a pretty quick read- perfect for young toddlers!

19. Under the ocean

I always get excited when Princess L brings Under the Ocean over to read! I personally love how this book is set up- with part of the pages being transparent, and how the ocean water changes in color on each page as you go deeper into the ocean. Each page also hosts a wide variety of sea creatures that live in different depths of the ocean. I’m always sure to set this out on days we plan on making a beach trip (tips here!).

20. Hello, World! Solar System

Hello, World! Solar System has been in our bedtime book routine longer than any other book. We love the fun facts it offers for each planet in the solar system. This book is perfect for both babies and toddlers alike with its cheerful illustrations.

21. Moon! Earth’s Best friend

The book Moon! Earth’s Best Friend is packed full of many facts about our moon. Told from the perspective of the moon, she introduces herself as Earth’s best friend. Parents may find something new to learn in this book too! Finding toddler books that offer both factual information and help tell a story are always a win in our home!

22. ABC’s of Art

ABC’s of Art is a fantastic way of introducing classic artwork with the alphabet. From A to Z, each page features an individual letter accompanied by a large print famous painting. It is a perfect book to introduce art history to your little one. I also love how large and sturdy this book feels! I personally think this book would also make a fantastic gift!

23. Little penguin gets the hiccups

A silly story about a penguin who should have avoided the chili… Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups is in need of your help to scare the hiccups away. My daughter is completely fascinated by penguins, and this book is one we read almost every day. She loves getting to say, “BOO!” loudly as we try to scare little penguin too!

24. we forgot brock!

We Forgot Brock! is a dramatic tale about a boy who forgot his imaginary friend, Brock, while he was out of the house. This book is a lot of fun to read and teaches that we can have both real and imaginary friends alike.

25. Storytime with daniel

Storytime with Daniel is a collection of six short, easy to read books based on actual episodes from the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Perfect for emerging readers and toddlers alike, these books offers large font and shorter sentences.

26. Ten little rabbits

Ten Little Rabbits helps celebrate Native American culture and boasts beautiful images. It’s a perfect bedtime story to read to your toddler. I really appreciate that each page helps to depict a different Native American tribe and the artwork feels very thoughtful. We love counting all the rabbits on each page and talking about what they are doing.

27. stellaluna

Stellaluna was a classic when I was in school too! It’s always exciting to share books I remember reading when I was a kid to my toddler. It is about a little bat named Stellaluna who gets separated from her mother and is then raised by a bird. Stellaluna adapts to her new bird nest and makes some fun friends too! Stellaluna discovers she is a bat and is reunited with her mother in the end, but is excited to try and show her bird friends what it is like to behave as a bat.

28. Something beautiful

A story told from a growth mindset perspective, the story Something Beautiful offers a beautiful lesson for people of all ages. About a young girl growing up in an urban environment searching for something beautiful. Issues like vandalism, poverty, and homelessness are all examined in this book and offer the opportunity for some deeper conversations to have with your child.

29. its fun to be a furmaid

My daughter is obsessed with Its Fun to be a Furmaid! The two-way sequins are a lot of fun to switch back and forth and the rhyming pattern is a lot of fun in this book as well.

30. the kissing hand

The Kissing Hand is a touching story of a little raccoon who will soon need to leave his mother’s side to start school. Perfect if your toddler will be starting daycare or other school setting, or are worried about any sort of seperation anxiety. The story itself is very empathetic to the little raccoon’s feelings and can help soothe any worries your little one may encounter when apart from you.

31. dear zoo

Books with flaps are always exciting for a toddler, and Dear Zoo has been one of our most loved. Ideal for babies and younger toddlers, you’ll get to uncover lots of zoo animals. We love practicing all the animal sounds too!

32. the going to bed book

Sandra Boynton’s books have always been a hit in our home, but The Going to Bed Book is by far Princess L’s favorite. Perfect for bedtime, this book depicts a bunch of silly animals completing their own bedtime routine.

33. The home builders

The Home Builders is an opportunity to explore how other animals build their homes and where they sleep. My daughter is really drawn to the images in this book and always picks this book first when it is in our rotation.

34. 8 Little planets

8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie is another fun astronomy based book to add to your library! I like how this book is different from other books about that planets in the sense that instead of starting with Mercury and working outwards into the solar system, this planet starts with Neptune and works towards the Sun. With lots of rhyming and interesting facts- this book is a hit!

35. Hungry bird

Disclaimer: I hate this book. However, my daughter loves it. This book is about a whiny, bratty little bird who should have packed his own snack. Instead, he begs all his friends for snacks. When they try to share with him, he doesn’t like what they offer. Hungry Bird is truly insufferable and lives in our car so we don’t have to read it as often. Princess L seems to really enjoy Hungry Bird’s antics and we try to make a lesson out of this book by talking about how we should ask for things and how to respect our friends. If you are looking for a book on how you don’t want your child to behave- this is the book for you. Why our daughter loves this book so much, I will never know… but she really, really does 🤣 .

36. dinoshapes

Everyone loves dinosaurs, and Dinoshapes is a lot of fun for young toddlers. Each page features a different shape and introduces a different dinosaur species. The artwork is geared for babies and young toddlers, and has a nice rhyming scheme.

37. Good morning farm friends

Good Morning Farm Friends is a book we received from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. (See if your area is available by following the link. It is an amazing program that mails children birth through age 5 free books, regardless of household income.) This book is a fun one to read in the morning and greet all the farm animals with!

38. Baby penguin’s first Waddles

Baby Penguin’s First Waddles is a fantastic book for children of all ages who are infatuated with penguins! This book is ripe with interesting facts about emperor penguins and features real photographs. Parents are sure to learn something in this book too!

39. Foods with moods

I mentioned this book in my dining out with a toddler survival guide! Foods with Moods is a seriously fun book that uses different fruits and vegetables to showcase a variety of emotions. Perfect for young toddlers who are learning at identifying their own emotions.

40. Open very carefully: A Book with a bite

Open Very Carefully: A Book with a Bite is interactive and suspenseful book for toddlers to enjoy! As you read the book, your toddler will anticipate and be excited to help you get to the end of this one- and then want you to read it again!

41. Dinosaurs- listen and learn

Books that have buttons that make noises are always exciting for your toddler. Dinosaurs Listen and Learn is great because of the fun sounds and features dinosaurs! We love the dinosaur facts in this book and the vivid artwork.

42. watch me grow

Watch Me Grow has gotten so much love in our home, that I’m about to have to buy a replacement! Each page features a turning wheel, flaps, or pull out portions of the book! The book focuses on how different plants and animals grow on a farm and offer a lot of novelty!

43. oscar the octopus: A book about months of the


Matthew Van Fleet’s books are always so much fun to read, and Oscar the Octopus: A Book About Months of the Year is no exception! Each page has a flap that allows toddlers to discover what different animal Oscar has caught that month. Also, each animal has special textures so little ones can learn what they feel like. SO cool! I like putting this book out on the mornings we plan on going to the beach!

44. corduroy’s shapes

We love Corduroy, and Corduroy’s Shapes is our favorite book featuring him! Simple and easy for toddlers to sit through, this book helps introduce basic shapes.

45. not a box

Not A Box has been in our bedtime book rotation for almost a year now! It is about a bunny who uses his imagination to make a box into lots of different things, and helps explore the idea of imaginative play with your toddler. This book is very short and simplistic- perfect for babies and young toddlers.

46. Animal 123

Counting books are always nice to read with your toddler, and Animal 123 is a fun one to add to your collection. Focusing on numbers 1 through 10, this book also has large fold out pages that help you discover more animals as you count!

47. clifford the Big red dog

Princess L loves Clifford the Big Red Dog and I love reading a classic from my childhood as well! Take a trip back, and fall in love again with this lovable dog all over again!

48. The biggest pumpkin surprise ever

The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever is a Halloween book, but we have had to maintain it in our regular book rotation because we can’t get enough of it. This book has loads of flaps to lift, and toddlers will love looking through it.

49. doggies a counting and barking book

Another great counting book, Doggies A Counting and Barking Book is a great addition to your toddler library. Focusing on numbers 1 through 10, your toddler will love to hear you bark, yap and howl through this book.

50. wemberly worried

Wemberly Worried is about a very anxious mouse who worries about everything. In the story, Wemberly makes a friend at school and helps to alleviate some of her anxiety. This book would be a great one to read if your little one is going to have a new experience soon, or is struggling with anxiety.

51. Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons focuses on numbers 1 through 4 and some simple subtraction as well. Poor Pete wears his favorite shirt, but buttons keep popping off! We love singing the song that Pete sings when the buttons pop off, and counting how many buttons are left.

52. mama loves you so

Mama Loves You So is terrific book for a baby or young toddler. This is one we have reached for again and again at bedtime. It is about a mother expressing her love for her baby in a very tender and beautiful way.

53. Babies in the forest

This is a book we discovered at a friend’s house and Princess L fell in love! Babies in the Forest is about two little foxes making new discoveries in the forest. This book would be perfect for a baby or young toddler.

54. click clack peep

Click Clack Peep might be our very favorite of the Click Clack books! The poor animals are unable to get any sleep on the farm with the new arrival of baby duck. Thanks to Duck, everyone gets some sleep eventually…

55. never touch a dragon

Never Touch a Dragon is a fun book for a baby or toddler. Each page offers a sensory portion for curious little hands to explore a different texture. We enjoy the rhyming scheme and how bright and colorful the pictures are in this book. To date- we have never been able to read this book without touching a dragon, ha!

56. SUN! one in a billion

We love books about space, can you tell? Sun! One in a Billion is written from the Sun’s perspective and is full of fun facts regarding our Sun. Having a variety of books about a similar topic can help you create a collection or theme for you toddler that you can then group together. We love astronomy books, and once a week I put all our space-based books in our book display cabinet. (We have this one!)

57. vehicles- magnetic fun

Vehicles is a fantastic book for your car or truck obsessed toddler. This book has magnetic pages for you to stick the different magnetic vehicles to. (Most of our magnets now live on our refrigerator, lol.) Each page features a different scene where different types of vehicles would be found and explain what is happening on each page.

58. green on green

Green on Green is a lovely book that showcases different seasons. A great book for toddlers since it has a lot of emphasis on different colors as the weather changes. I especially love how in each season you see a woman’s belly grow, and the book ends with you seeing her hold her baby!

59. color – dog

Color Dog by Matthew Van Fleet is super engaging with lots of tabs to pull and textures! We love the photographs of the silly dogs! Each page focuses on a different color and has been a massive hit since we got it! This book would make an awesome gift as well! It is made super sturdy and is sure to survive lots, and lots of love!

60. baby beluga

A true classic, Baby Beluga is sure to win your little one’s heart! We love singing the song at home, and reading the book at bedtime. We have actually had to buy two of these so far!

61. The wise animal handbook

The Wise Animal Handbook is actually made for each state! We were gifted the one designed for Tennessee from Princess L’s grandfather! From what I’ve been able to tell, Amazon sells each state’s version. We love the photographs of the animals and the advice they offer to the reader. At the end of these books, it features coloring pages of animals that are specific to the state the book is about!

62. Barnyard dance

A super silly Boynton book- Barnyard Dance is perfect for little ones who love farm animals. We always sing instead of “reading” the words and try to do it in our best farmer voice. We love to try and act out the dance moves too!

63. rainbow fish

Oh how I love Rainbow Fish! I remember when I was a little girl, when we would go to the library I would always rush and see if the Rainbow Fish was available! I loved the sparkly scales on the Rainbow Fish and the pretty artwork. Similarly, Princess L seems to have the same infatuation. The book is about a fish who learns to make friends by sharing his scales with other fish.

64. click, clack, splish, splash

Click, Clack, Splish, Splash is another fun book from the Click, Clack, Moo series. This book focuses on counting 1 through 10. Books that emphasize counting are always on my radar for my toddler.

65. The very hungry caterpillar

Eric Carle books are always a hit in our home, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been well-loved. This book is a true classic and there are tons of activities and lessons available on Pinterest to do with this book as well! Finding books that already have these types of resources for your toddler is always exciting! We love that there are holes cut out on the pages to show where the caterpillar ate through the food. This is an eye-catching book for children of all ages!

66. I love my mommy because…

I Love My Mommy Because… is told from the perspective of a child who lists out all the reasons they love their mommy. Princess L really likes picking this book out when its in our rotation and asking me to read it to her, which always warms my heart too! This book features lots of different animals and we love pointing them out and making their sounds.

67. I love my daddy because…

I can’t mention the previous book without also sharing this one as well! I Love My Daddy Because… also has a similar theme.

68. love you forever

Sticking with the theme of love here… Love You Forever is a classic book about a mother’s unconditional love. Get ready for the tissues if you haven’t already experienced this book.

69. everyone poops

I don’t know about your toddler, but mine loves talking about poop. Everyone Poops will help reassure your little one that everyone poops… people, animals, and bugs alike.

70. dragons love tacos

Dragons Love Tacos is a book about Dragons who (surprise) love tacos! There is one thing dragons definitely should not eat though- salsa! This is a pretty silly book that doesn’t have a major plot line, but it sure to get some giggles out when the dragons realize they’ve eaten salsa.

71. the day the crayons quit

The Day the Crayons Quit is written from the perspective of the crayons. Each page features a letter from each crayon who is disgruntled over what they are being used to color. A silly way to show your toddler the power of differing perspectives, this book is sure to be a hit!

72. Hello lighthouse

With both a beautiful story and artwork to go with it, Hello Lighthouse is my favorite. It is about lighthouse keeper and all the work he needs to do in order to keep the lighthouse operable. I love that as you read the book, you get to see the changing seasons and watch his wife’s belly grow. The artwork in this book is both charming and beautiful.

73. Oh, the places you will go

I must admit, I am not the biggest Dr. Suess fan, but Oh, The Places You Will Go is the exception! Another classic I remember from my own childhood, this book is about the ups and downs of life and all the things that can happen along the way. I appreciate the message this book offers and is a must for every toddler books collection.

74. Llama llama Misses Mama

Llama Llama Misses Mama is perfect for little ones working through separation anxiety or starting a new routine. Like other Llama Llama books, this one offers a nice rhyming scheme and is perfect for toddlers and young children.

75. Don’t let pigeon drive the bus!

Don’t Let Pigeon Drive The Bus! is about a Pigeon who demands to drive the bus. With super cute artwork that looks very childlike, this book offers a lot of humor.

76. Grumpy monkey

Grump Monkey is perfect to help teach toddlers and young children about difficult emotions. Sometimes we are grumpy, and we don’t even know why! This book is relatable for days when despite things seeming “perfect” we just don’t feel perfect ourselves.

77. How to catch a mermaid

My daughter loves mermaids, and How to Catch a Mermaid is a favorite. This book is written with a nice rhyming scheme and really colorful images.

78. Owl babies

Owl Babies is about three anxious little owls waiting on their mommy to return to their nest. We love the illustrations in this book. If you were looking for books that dive into separation anxiety for your toddler to help them identify their emotions, this one is worth looking into.

79. dream snow

Dream Snow is a Christmas story we discovered last year. We have started a Christmas tradition of unwrapping a new book each day in December leading up to Christmas and this one was our favorite. About a farmer who has five animals- the book offers flaps that Princess L always gets excited to lift. A simple Christmas story- this book is ideal for babies and young toddlers.

80. frozen Story collection

Have a little one obsessed with Frozen? The Frozen Story Collection is a must. For the last several months, this is the book we have to read to bed every single night. This book features five short stories and uses large print font. Perfect for early readers! If I asked my toddler what one of her favorite books were, I promise this would be the one she would probably pick.

81. Little owl’s night

Little Owl’s Night is about a little owl who asks his mama what daytime is like. Mama Owl describes daytime to Little Owl, and when sunrise finally arrives, Little Owl has falls asleep. This book is perfect for babies and younger toddlers and is an ideal bedtime story book.

82. If you come to earth

If You Come to Earth is a breathtaking book that is an open letter to any visitors who may visit us from outer space. I appreciate that this book features both positive and negative things about how we treat our fellow human. The illustrations really add to the story and are beautifully done.

83. wild symphony

I am a huge Dan Brown fan I must admit. I was so excited to see he had written a children’s book and had to preorder it once I found out! Wild Symphony is a charming book that features lots of different animals and instruments.

What takes this book to the next level is that it also comes with a QR code. By downloading the app you get to listen to each of the animals play a different song by pointing your phone at the pages! What I really love about this book… is just like Dan Brown’s novels, this book is like a treasure hunt that parents and children can go on. There is all sorts of letters and instruments to look for! This book would be great for children of all ages- I highly recommend this one!

84. ZIn! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Another fantastic book that features a variety of instruments, Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin is a perfect addition. This is a Caldelott award winner book and has a really big fan base. I love how this book is written with such a catchy, rhythmic prose- perfect for a book about a symphony.

85. How do dinosaurs eat their food

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food is from a collection of books about how dinosaurs do all sorts of activities. This book is fun for toddlers and young children, and is great for teaching some table manners too!

86. How to be a good dog

How To Be A Good Dog by Gail Page has been a huge hit in our home. A simple story about a pet cat teaching his canine companion some tricks to be a good dog. We love how silly the book ends and talk about how our dog is very similar to the dog in the story.

87. Seeds and trees

Seeds And Trees: a children’s book about the power of words, is about a young prince who collects and plants seeds. The intended message may be a bit deep for young toddlers, but the story itself can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The young prince discovers that some seeds grow lush, beautiful trees while other seeds grow into thorny thistles. With the help of a young girl in the story, readers uncover the power of words and how they shape our environment.

88. The wind and the willows

The Wind and the Willows has been a classic for generations now. If you’ve never read this book before, it is long. This book actually a shorter version of the original and still is likely far too long for a toddler to sit through in one sitting.

This book does offer beautiful images that are very similar to the cartoon version I remember watching as a child, myself. I often read aloud books to my toddler while she plays just to introduce her to a wider variety of words to help increase her vocabulary. This is one of my favorite books to do this with because the story itself is one that people of all ages can enjoy.

89. cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs asks readers to ponder what would happen if all sorts of different foods started to rain from the sky. This is a seriously silly book that has made us giggle so much. I really do feel like while it’s important to have a wide collection of educational books for your toddler, having some just for comedic purposes is so important as well!

90. Winter Dance

A book about a fox learning what different animals do to prepare for the winter, Winter Dance is sure to be a favorite. This is an excellent book to introduce the survival skills of animals during the winter months to your toddler.

91. A Child’s Good morning

A Child’s Good Morning is a lyrically written book that is about starting off the day. With so many books about night time in our collection, I love having this one to read in the morning! Princess L also seems to really enjoy the very cheerful images in this book as well.

92. If you give a moose a muffin

If You Give A Moose A Muffin will be a hit if your little one also enjoyed the original hit- If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. About the consequences that will ensue if you give a moose a muffin, this book is great at teaching cause and effect.

93. Marvel’s Super hero adventures: Flying Super heros

Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures: Flying Super Heroes is a super fun board book that allows you to make each character spin around the page by turning the wheel component. My husband is a massive Marvel fan and some of that adoration has definitely rubbed off on our daughter 😂.. She loves reading this book and having us make all the superheroes fly around the city.

94. Charlie the ranch dog goes to school

Charlie The Ranch Dog Goes To School is another story that features Charlie and his family on the ranch. We love that this book features a family that homeschools. It offers a glimpse into what their daily schedule is like and the things they learn. Charlie gets a grand idea to try and homeschool his animal friends on the farm but realizes it is a lot of work.

95. Silly milly the dane

Silly Milly The Dane is written from the perspective of the owner of Milly, a Great Dane dog. The owner marvels at Milly’s silly antics and is written with lots of repetition and rhymes. This book has garnered lots of giggles from us and we love saying the part, “Oh Milly, why are you so silly?!” together.

96. the three little pigs

The story of The Three Little Pigs is a classic and shouldn’t be left out of your library. This is the original version, so nothing unexpected here!

97. The mitten

We really love Jan Brett books, and The Mitten is one of our favorites. A little boy loses his mitten while playing outside. Forest animals discover the mitten and all try to squeeze inside… We really enjoy the timeless artwork and watching the mitten stretch out to accommodate all of the woodland creatures. This is a fun wintertime story to read during the cooler months.

98. Owl moon

Another fun wintertime book, Owl Moon is about a young child going out at night with their father to go look for owls. We love making the hooting noises whilst reading through the book.

99. over and under the pond

Over And Under the Pond follows a mother and her son as they paddle around in a pond. Together, they see different animals and plants on their journey. This book is beautifully done, and offers as a terrific way to dive into ecosystems.

We have park nearby that has a pond that we really enjoy going to. I love having this book to tag along with us on our trips there. We like looking for different plants and animals that are featured in the story at the pond we visit. This book is very soothing to read and the pictures themselves could be framed.

100. stars

Stars celebrates how stars make us feel. Sheriffs wear them, fairies put them on wands, and sometimes we put them on calendars to mark special days. This book talks about how stars can make us feel, and that it is okay if we don’t always feel like we are a star.

This book deals more with our feelings and less with astronomy. My favorite part of the book though is when it says that even when we cannot see stars, they are still there. This is a relaxing story to add to your bedtime repertoire of books!


Wrapping up the top 100 books for toddlers has been a blast! I truly hope you discover at least one new book to add to your collection. Now I want to know your favorite children’s books! I am always looking for new books to add to our library and appreciate recommendations.

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